TPU Continues Walking Tours around TPU in June

Tomsk Polytechnic University has extended the TPU. Engineers. Stories project and invites Tomsk citizens to join free walking tours.


The walking tours will be led for all interested people from June 10 to 30. The duration of the walking tours is about 90 minutes. To join the walking tour, it is required to register by phone 8 (3822) 70-56-71. The registration is available from Monday to Thursday, from 08.30 to 17.00 and on Friday until 16.00 (lunch break is from 13.00 to 14.00). The number of participants is limited (up to 10 people per walking tour). All the walking tours will be led in strict compliance with anti-epidemic restrictions. To join the walking tour, it is required to take a passport and a mask.

Tomsk citizens can attend an updated European Quarter walking tour, which will be led not only around the complex of the old TPU academic buildings in downtown Tomsk but also will be led at the territory of the Tomsk Vakhrushev Electromechanical Plant.

“Staff members of the TPU Museum Complex will share the stories about the construction of the historic university campus, a part of which became federal and regional landmarks. During the walking tours, Tomsk citizens will not only walk around the campus but also will visit a gasworks nowadays located at the territory of the Tomsk Vakhrushev Electromechanical Plant. For instance, participants of the walking tours will know who constructed the gasworks, what a gas holder is and why a university needed engineering workshops,” the staff members of the TPU Museum Complex specifies.

Furthermore, all interested people can learn the mysteries of the TPU main building (30, Lenin Avenue). During the walking tour devoted to the university main building, there will be given answers to the questions: why does the university need a safe weighing 2 t, what was supposed to be in the Assembly Hall and why lions are symbols of TPU.


The European Quarter walking tour is on 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26 June at 15.00.

The Mysteries of TPU Main Building walking tour is on 11, 16, 18, 23, 25, 30 June at 15.00.


The TPU. Engineers. Stories project coincides with the celebration of the 125th anniversary of TPU.

TPU Campus Receives Outdoor Library

The TPU campus has received a BookCrossing point. It is set up next to the TPU International Culture Center (13v Usov Street) and has already received the first publications. All people willing to read books and not only students and university staff can use a bookcase.


On the 125th anniversary of TPU, Tomsk Electronic Company equipped a bookcase for BookCrossing. The university turns 125 years in the Year of Science and Technology.

“Of course, 125 years is an important date. For the comparison, this year, we turn 21 years, however, we have been cooperating with TPU all this time.

Nowadays, over one third of all the company staff who obtained a higher education is TPU graduates. These are over 180 people, about 80 of them take senior positions. Annually, TPU students pass on-the-job training and a pre-graduation practice at the enterprise. On the occasion of the 125th anniversary, we made a decision to present TPU students a book gift,”

Andrey Shestakov, Director General of Tomsk Electronic Company, says.

TPU students selected the first books for BookCrossing voted for them on social media. According to their feedback, the company made a selection of modern popular-scientific and fictional works.

“At all times, a wide horizon stands out a good engineer. The TPU Library began to develop together with the university. It became the first university technical library on the territory of Siberia and the Far East. Vladimir Obruchev, an outstanding scientist and geologist, a famous science fiction writer, supervised the work of the Library during the first years of its presence. TPU students always read a lot of literature: professional and fictional. Due to the initiative of our partners, TPU students and Tomsk citizens will have an opportunity to simply and easily exchange favorite books,” Mikhail Solovyov, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, notes.

The company plans to occasionally replenish books on the shelves of the outdoor library holding a vote on their social media.


New Sports Ground Opens on TPU Campus on 125th Anniversary

A new sports ground has been opened on the TPU campus on the 125th anniversary of TPU. There were played friendly football matches among students, staff members and university graduates.


The new sports ground is located on the TPU campus next to the residence halls (18a Pirogov Street). Mikhail Solovyov, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, greeted the sportsmen and fans.

“TPU is not only studying, research, a future career but also unlimited opportunities for active and sports life. No wonder, here at TPU, outstanding sportsmen began their life’s journeys. These days, TPU students and staff members take part and win competitions of all levels: from city championships to European and world ones. A new sports ground is a wonderful gift on the university’s anniversary. May it be more physical training, more brave goals and victories!” he said.


The representative teams of students, staff members and university graduates took part in the friendly football matches. They played two matches, each of them included two half-times per 10 minutes. The competition was held according to the futsal rules. The student representative team won the match, while the graduate representative took the 3d position.

Victor Rulevsky, Rector of Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio-Electronics, played for the team of TPU graduates.

“Since my childhood, I have been involved in a great atmosphere of football and team games with a ball. During my study at university, I was engaged in this kind of sport, took an active part in competitions. I express my congratulations to TPU on the transformation of this sports ground. Due to the artificial turf, both youth and professional sportsmen can play on this sports ground. I wish all members of the TPU community success and new victories,” Victor Rulevsky said.


There was awarded a penalty kick in the final of the friendly matches. Maksat Smagulov, Senior Trainer of the TPU Division for Physical Education and Ivan Shanenkov, Associate Professor of the TPU Division for Power and Electrical Engineering, became the leaders of the championship. Roman Tabakaev, Research Fellow of the TPU Butakov Research Center, was recognized as the best goalkeeper.


TPU Screens Films Based on Works of Vladimir Obruchev and Alexander Kazantsev

The TPU Museum Complex is screening films for all interested people in May. Tomsk citizens are invited to watch films about researchers, scientists and engineers. Among these films are The Sannikov Land and Planet of Storms based on the works of the TPU graduates.

                                                                                        A shot from Planet of Storms
                                                                            A shot from Planet of Storms

The film screenings will be held in the multimedia classroom of the TPU History Museum (321 Classroom, the 3d floor, the TPU main building, 30 Lenin Avenue) on Tuesday and Thursday at 18.30 in strict compliance with anti-epidemic restrictions. The number of seats is limited. To watch a film, it is required to register by phone 8 (3822) 70-56-71.

“The first film screening will be held on May 11 and will be coincided with the celebration of the 125th anniversary that TPU is celebrating in the Year of Science and Technology announced by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. We invite members of the TPU community, Tomsk citizens and guests of the city to watch The Man Who Knew Infinity (2015), a biographical drama. The film with Jeremy Irons and Dev Patel starring tells about the short life of Srinivasa Ramanujan, a self-taught Indian mathematician (1887-1920). To join, it is required to register by phone 34-32-30,” the staff of the TPU Museum Complex says.

Schedule of film screenings:

13 May — Deepwater Horizon (2016), a disaster film based on real events.

18 May — The Sannikov Land (1972-1973), an adventure film based on the 1924 novel of the same name by Vladimir Obruchev.

20 May — Engineer Kochin’s Error (1939), a detective film.

25 May — Planet of Storms (1961), a Soviet science-fiction film based on the story by a TPU graduate Alexander Kazantsev, who took part in writing the film’s scenario. Some episodes of Star Wars.

27 May — Interstellar (2014), an epic science fiction film by Christopher Nolan.

“The 2021 anniversary year for TPU is announced the Year of Science and Technology in Russia. All the films are somehow related to discoveries, development of technologies: space exploration, aviation, ecology and the petroleum industry. All these fields are actively developed at TPU. Moreover, two films: The Sannikov Land and Planet of Storms are based on the works by Vladimir Obruchev and Alexander Kazantsev, members of the TPU community. Kazantsev also took part in writing a scenario for Planet of Storms that became a kind of manual for Hollywood directors shooting science fiction films. For instance, George Lucas, a director of Star Wars adopted a series of visual and technical techniques and after used them in his space saga,” the organizers note.

Gazprombank Contributes 1 Million Rubles in TPU Endowment Fund on 125th Anniversary

Gazprombank has made a contribution to the TPU Endowment Fund on the celebration of the 125th anniversary of TPU.

Dmitry Litvinenko, Head of the Tomsk branch of Gazprombank, presented a certificate of 1 million rubles to Andrey Yakovlev, Acting Rector of TPU.

“Many thanks to you for the long-term support of the university,” the Rector thanked.

Since 2010, Gazprombank has made contributions to the TPU Endowment Fund. As a university partner, the bank provided an opportunity to make a fee-free online payment in the Endowment Fund using Visa and Mastercard cards.

In 2019, Gazprombank allocated 10 million rubles to implement a project of an access control system at TPU. In 2020, the leadership of Gazprombank made a contribution of 2 million rubles to the TPU Endowment Fund. This contribution has become the largest one-off donation in the Endowment Fund history.

Moreover, Gazprombank annually supports the projects of the university development and initiatives of TPU students.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko Expresses Greetings to TPU on 125th Anniversary

Dmitry Chernyshenko, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, expressed his greetings to Tomsk Polytechnic University on its 125th anniversary.

“For 125 years, Tomsk Polytechnic University has made a huge contribution in the development of education, science, industry not only of Siberia and the Far East but also of entire Russia. TPU was founded as Tomsk Technological Institute of Practical Engineers of Emperor Nicholas II and always distinguished by its focus on solving real tasks with the application of groundbreaking research,” the greeting says.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that scientists, experts, graduates of TPU took part in the discovery and development of deposits, construction of industrial enterprises, creation of facilities at large-scaled enterprises, space exploration, creation of the nuclear industry. Nowadays, they work in the breakthrough fields taking part in Arctic research, conducting experiments at the International Space Station, joining the largest international research projects, developing the technologies of artificial intelligence, generating new materials, developing modern medicine and many others. The combination of the research approach and engineering school remains unchangeable for achieving high results.

He also emphasized that the potential of TPU is confirmed by its ranks in national and international rankings. The university is a participant in the federal and regional development programs, a partner of leading state corporates, one of the centers of Russian education export.

“May university graduates be in demand and successful due to the application of modern educational standards at TPU, as well as the formation of relevant competences of the digital economy. I wish you development, active participation in the achievement of national goals set up by the President of the Russian Federation.

I wish professors, teachers, staff members and students love what you do, discoveries and joy from the results! I wish everyone good health and success!” Dmitry Chernyshenko addressed the TPU staff.